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The Center

The Domaine Equi-Sphère officially opened their doors during the season of autumn in 2013. With what started as only a passion, a whole project was brought through by the owner Catherine Bourdon. It was during her teenage years that she made her first acquisition of a horse.  From then on, she studied at the Institut de Technology Agroalimentaire located at La Pocatière in an equitation program. At the end of her studies, the urge of starting a business in this field grew more and more. What started with a dream quickly turned into reality thanks to the support of the family business, Ferme Bourdon & Fils.

The family oriented business offers a variety of services and a stable of quality. Domaine Equi-Sphère primarily goal is to satisfy their customers and provide the best second home for the horses.   

The Team


Catherine is the owner. In addition to having graduated from an equestrian program, she is also a qualified F.E.Q. western and «Québec à cheval» instructor. Her philosophy is to always offer the best service. She is a true passionate!


Philippe discovered this new hobby after having met Catherine. Since the early stages of the business’ creation, he has largely contributed in the company’s success. Easy of approach and friendly, Philippe will gladly welcome you at the facility.

Ferme Bourdon & Fils

Family is an important value for Domaine Équi-Sphère, which is why Ferme Bourdon & Fils contributed. All the members of the Bourdon family got involved in the project one way or another to  help construct the stable and make it function properly.


The Stable

The stable contains 11 stalls, one shower, one toilette, and tack lockers. There is an indoor arena where riding and training can take place. The audience also has access to an overall view of the arena from the second floor mezzanine. The whole facility is in a newly built building.

For those who prefer the outdoors, two outdoor arenas are available.

Riders can enjoy outdoor paths for horseback riding that take more or less 1h30 to complet.

Each paddock has a shelter for the horses to protect them from the sun and weather conditions.

Services Offered

Equitation lessons

Equitation lessons are offered at the Domaine Équi-Sphère for beginning and more advanced equestrians. The lessons are personalized to the customer’s desire; whether they are taught in the indoor arena or during horse rides. Every lesson taught the safest and most amusing way the Domaine Équi-Sphère.

It is also possible for customers to become qualified 1 to 4 western F.E.Q. riders and qualified 1 to 5 «Québec à cheval» horseback riders.

Stall boarding service

The Domaine Équi-Sphère offers a stall boarding service of quality. Below are details of stall and pasture boarding.

Stall boarding

  • Stall dimensions are 10x10 or 10x12 feet
  • Horses are fed twice a day (morning and night)
  • Stalls are cleaned everyday
  • Horses are sent outdoors everyday
  • Tack lockers
  • Possibility of mixed feeds
  • Access to indoor and outdoor arena
  • Access to outdoor paths for horseback riding

Dressage and breaking

Training and breaking of horses are also offered



For more information, please contact us.

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